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Sprinkle Maker - Heart Medley

Sprinkle Maker - Heart Medley

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Create your own soapy sprinkles to decorate your soap and bath products!

Our Exclusive Heart Medley Sprinkle Maker is made using a plant based plastic and features two different sized hearts.  The sheet allows you to quickly and easy make soapy sprinkles that are perfect to decorate the tops of soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs and more. 

The advantage of making your own sprinkles is you know exactly what ingredients you are adding to your product!  Plus they clean unlike baking sprinkles!

To use:

Lay the sprinkle sheet on some grease proof paper.  Take some soap dough and begin rubbing over the top and pushing into all the holes.  Smooth the soap dough down and then scrap off the excess (Our Scraper tool is perfect for this!)

Not only are they easy to use, they are easy to clean too, using some warm water and scrubbing brush.  Do not use hot water or put into dishwater.


Sheet is 70mm x 70mm

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