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Solid Dish Soap Recipe

Solid Dish Soap Recipe

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With a growing need to be more environmentally conscious, Solid Dish Soap is a great plastic free alternative for the kitchen. It is also great for those that travel whether by caravan or backpacking as there is little risk of spillage and it takes up less room.

Unlike many other Dish Soap recipes, this one is made using surfactants rather than oil and lye. All ingredients have been chosen based on them being natural, biodegradable and powerful cleaners. The result is a Solid Dish Soap that really does cut through grease and does not leave soap scum.

As this is a syndet formula, you can make one day and use the next once cooled. There is no need to cure this Dish Soap making it easy to make small batches for either home use or to sell retail.

The attached is written in both recipe and formula format to you can adjust to the size needed. The sheet also contains some packaging ideas, essential oil blends, information about ingredients and a tweak to make this a little more scrubby for stubborn grim.

Once purchased, you will be able to download the file immediately from your account and it will be emailed. The document is written in both formula (percentages) and recipe (metric weight) format and has full instructions on how to make.

The document also contains information about the ingredients, any substitutes you can use.

Ingredients you will need to make this recipe:

  • Sodium Coco Sulfate - there are notes for an alternative but it means it is no longer natural
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Stearic Acid
  • Distilled Water
  • Sodium Carbonate/Washing Soda
  • White/Cleaning vinegar
  • Essential oils
  • Preservative (recommendations included)

Please note this recipe is in metric measures. If you use imperial, you will need to convert yourself. 

By purchasing this recipe, you are agreeing not to share the content of the document with others - only the purchaser should see the recipe and it should not be shared or sold on.  You can sell any product made with soap dough without credit.


Important Information

This document is intended for the personal use of the buyer.
No part of this document, including graphics and photographs, may be copied, reproduced,
or distributed in any printed or electronic format without written permission
from Keeley Towler, the copyright holder.  Exceptions are made for countries where formula
submission is required.

If you choose to sell your finished products, you may do so,
but it is your sole responsibility to ensure the complete safety of your
products by manufacturing in a clean and sanitary environment.  It is also your responsibility to comply with
all the laws and regulations regarding the sale of cosmetics in your country and
state of residence.  It is your responsibility
to have the recipe submitted or tested in countries where needed.

You may not share, re-distribute, email, copy or sell any
portion of this document, including pictures, on any Social Media site,
including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter and TikTok.


The information provided in this document is the result of
research and experience by Keeley Towler. This recipe has been developed by me
and thoroughly tested. I have tried to be as precise and accurate as possible
with recipe instructions and ingredient descriptions. Neither the product nor
their ingredients are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any
disease. All the ingredients in this formula have been tested and used by me;
however, it is strongly recommended that you do your own research regarding the
safety of ALL ingredients, including and especially essential oils. The
ingredients included in this recipe have been deemed safe for use in the
percentages provided. Any deviation from these formulas in either ingredients, percentages,
or method, resulting in an undesirable result, is the responsibility of the

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